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Be The Change (2011)

Chaga The Birch (2012)

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Comprised of a smattering of talented folks from and/or residing in the Northeast (New Hamsphire, Maine, Pennsylvania). Our style seems to currently be a healthy mixture of dirty (and clean) blues, folk, and a dose of something else entirely. Really. We're not sure what it is.

Daniel Hartigan - vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica Carrie Schuman - vocals, banjo Jason Schrack - vocals, guitar, bass Michael Attardi - recording/mixing, drums Kira Sawyer-Hartigan - back-up vocals, den mother, wicked awesome chef


,Singer/Songwriter Rock

Completed Albums

Be The Change(2011)

Tuck You In   (preferred)   Download
Forever Man   Download
World Spun   Download
Dont Tell Me Twice   Download
Straight To The Core   Download
Cold Fire   Download
And It Rained for Forty Days   Download
Rowboat   Download
Snowed In   Download
When Life Gives Me Lemons I Call The Better Business Bureau   Download

Chaga The Birch(2012)

Chaga   Download
Everybodys Got The Blues   Download
Trip You Up   Download
Online Friends   Download
Rollin   Download
Paying the Timekeeper   Download
This Is Home   (preferred)   Download
Disconnection Blues   Download
Wrote You A Letter   Download
Restless   Download